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The SemiGroup Quality Difference

SemiGroup’s technical expertise assures you the highest quality of refurbished equipment available on the after-market. We refurbish these tools to the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications.  In fact, we’ve performed reconditioning service on over 300,000 CMP Heads and other semiconductor equipment.

We conduct complete rebuilds of Lam Research equipment in addition to performing quarterly and annual PM’s. Our experienced technicians can refurbish, convert and upgrade your used equipment. Our turnkey solutions include the total refurbishment of the specified tool, configured to the end user’s requirements.

Testing, Installation, Support

All our systems go through the same rigorous testing you would expect from an OEM.  We can then provide installation, warranty support as well as ongoing technical support and periodic preventative maintenance.

SemiGroup has a complete line of spares and consumable parts to keep your newly refurbished equipment running at the highest level of efficiency (Rainbow and Alliance Platforms). We have a focused approach of providing Lam Research Plasma Etch Equipment (primarily Single Chamber Platforms) for Metal, Conductor and Dielectric Plasma Etch applications. SemiGroup is the recommended supplier of reconditioned assemblies and service for a wide range of semiconductor processing equipment.

Jacqui "Chick" Burns - A Woman Owned Business
Jacqui “Chick” Burns

SemiGroup is proudly a Woman-Owned Minority Business led by Jacqui “Chick” Burns.  Jacqui has served as the owner and CEO of SemiGroup since 2006 and has over 13 years in the semiconductor industry.

CMP Pad Conditioning Arm Testing Station
Why Wafer Fabs Are Switching to SemiGroup

The world of microchip manufacturing equipment and equipment parts faces a conflict. You can’t buy a new design every time a single part goes out. Yet OEMs only offer limited options.

Recently, we received a phone call from a customer whose legacy power supply failed and an identical replacement was no longer available. Their only options were $17,000 OEM “upgrade” or a lengthy wait for repairs. SemiGroup offered the way out of this bind.

Full Service & Inventory

SemiGroup is a full-service company that reconditions semiconductor equipment. Our field service engineers perform on/off-site training, upgrade installations, process evaluation and consulting, system commission and decommissioning, and preventative maintenance.

Our production and test facilities are located in Dallas, Texas and we are equipped withe a large inventory of assemblies, spare parts, and consumables typically available for immediate shipment.

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Reconditioning Gurus

SemiGroup has experienced technicians who refurbish, convert and upgrade your used equipment. We offer complete rebuilds of LAM Research equipment in addition to performing quarterly and annual PM’s. We’ve performed reconditioning services on over 300,000 CMP heads.

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What Our Customers Say

“SemiGroup has the unique ability to supply hard to find parts for a wide range of toolsets and wafer sizes.  They always put quality before everything else, but seem to maintain competitive pricing…”

Chris Lawrence
Rating: 5

“I have worked with Scott Magoon and Jacqui “Chick” Burns at SemiGroup for over 10 years and whenever I have specific part need or technical advice an a Lam Research piece of equipment, we do not hesitate to give SemiGroup a call!”

Glenn Shows - President/CEO
Rating: 5

“SemiGroup came through”

Rich Greer
Rating: 5