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Printed circuit board repair and salesPrinted circuit board repair can be complex, but SemiGroup has seen it all.  We are a full-service repair and refurbishment company that reconditions semiconductor equipment.  Our field service engineers perform on/off-site training, upgrade installations, process evaluation and consulting, system commission and decommissioning, and preventative maintenance.

Our experienced engineers & technicians are trained and certified in semiconductor OEM parts & systems refurbishment. All our parts and systems go through the same rigorous testing you would expect from an OEM.

Repairing Printed Circuit Boards

Today, PCBs are vital to advanced electronics manufacturing so your repair company better have lots of experience dealing with all the different types of boards in the industry today, both for repairing and functional testing of the board once repaired. The circuitry on PCBs is complex and requires specialized testing as shown in the image below.

Things to Know Before Getting Repairs

  • What is the base Material on your PCB?
  • How many layers does it have?
  • Is there software embedded on your PCB?
  • Has your PCB been damaged by heat? Is it blistering or showing traces of damage?
  • Does your board repair company use the latest in solder and flux techniques?
  • Are power chips that generate heat properly heat sunk?
  • Is your board delaminating, causing a separation between layers?
  • Does your board repair company have the necessary equipment? Ask about oscilloscopes, curve tracers, frequency generators, soldering & desoldering equipment, test equipment, cleaning equipment, and electrostatic safety equipment to properly repair and test your PCB.

How SemiGroup Can Help

Our clients benefit from decreased equipment costs by sending PCB’s to us for repair or even a redesign in some cases. SemiGroup has been repairing and designing drop-in replacement PCB’s for our clients for decades! See printed circuit board parts and repair options.

We’re proud to offer high-quality replacement parts as well as refurbishment services to prolong the life of your manufacturing equipment. Call 1-888-SEMIGROUP or email Visit our online shop to browse printed circuit board parts and repair services.

NOTE:  As of January 2024, SemiGroup is increasing its warranty to an industry leading 2 YEAR WARRANTY.

Sales & Total Refurbishment Service with a One Year Warranty!