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Careful Who You Trust! Refurbish Servo Motors Back to OEM Levels

Don’t trust just anybody with your Servo Motors! This precision semiconductor manufacturing equipment requires the highest quality refurbishment & rigorous testing.

Servo motors are smart motors that allow precise position control and typically consist of the following:

  • The servo motor, which can be AC or DC.
  • An optical or magnetic encoder (sometimes resolver) providing a feedback loop.
  • A gear system known as a gearbox, transmission or harmonic drive system that redistributes or changes the speed of the output shaft.
Servo Motor Repair Service
Servo Motors

Servo Motor Usage

Servo Motors are typically used in complex applications like Robotics, Robotic Vehicles, Metal Cutting & Forming Machines known as Computerized Numerical Control or “CNC Machines”, Satellite Dish Positioning Systems, Car Washes, and Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment.  Servo motors come in all sizes depending on the workload and torque needed for the specific application being performed.

Servo Motors Refurbishment Service

You may want this motor to rotate at one speed one minute and a totally different speed the next. You may also want this motor to change directions at a very specific time.

Servo motors offer a high level of feedback and control when used with a servo motor controller. The controller will send either an analog or digital signal to the servo motor. Servo motor controllers may also be called a “Driver” or “Amplifier” as well.

OEM-Level Refurbishment for Fragile Instruments

A servo motor usually has a built-in Optical, Magnetic or Capacitive Incremental Encoder inside which is typically directly attached to the servo motor shaft. Another typical feedback device is a Resolver, which is an analog device used to feedback positioning for monitoring.

These delicate instruments inside your servo motor can be easily damaged and need to be calibrated correctly. Some servo motor and controller configurations include fragile glass reticles, too!

Did You Know?

SemiGroup offers Servo Motor Refurbishment on all styles and sizes of Servo Motors. Ask about our FREE Evaluations.

  • 4 to 6 Week Standard Lead-Times.
  • 7 to 10 Business Days Expedited Services available upon request.
  • 1-Year Warranty on all Refurbishments.

Keep Your Equipment Safe & Secured

SemiGroup can also protect your fragile Servo Motors & Controllers with Custom Protective Cases like the one seen below. SemiGroup provides Custom Cases in every size and style!

Servo Motor Protective Carrying Case

Call SemiGroup and ask about our custom cases!  1-888-SEMIGROUP

Our Industry Leading Process

  1. Visual Inspection
  2. Surge Testing or Short Testing
  3. Phase Balance Testing
  4. Insulation Resistance Test or Megger Test
  5. Count Test
  6. Disassembly and Cleaning Process
  7. New Bearings Installed
  8. KE or Magnet Testing
  9. RPM Test
  10. Encoder Alignment
  11. Testing Under a Load
  12. Painting and Drying as needed
  13. Final Inspection

SemiGroup’s experienced engineers & technicians are trained and certified in servo motor OEM parts & systems refurbishment. All our parts and systems go through the same rigorous testing you would expect from an OEM.

We’re open and here for you! Call 1-888-SEMIGROUP or email Visit our website to browse servo motor replacement parts and refurbishment services.

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