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Complete Chiller Repair and Refurbishment

Our experienced engineers and technicians can repair or refurbish Temperature Controls Units, Heat Exchangers, Chillers, Solid State Chillers, Thermoelectric Recirculating Chillers, and more!

Chiller RepairFeatured Chiller Product

INR-244-117A | SMC Chiller

Tokyo Electron Thermo-Con Chiller
90 Day Warranty
OEM Part Number: INR-244-117A

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Semiconductor equipment requires its own specific type of chiller to ensure your operations continue safely and smoothly.

Liquid-cooled chillers ensure your equipment stays at the right temperature without disturbing the air like chillers that use fans. You must also ensure your chillers comply with the latest SEMI standards.

Our factory-trained technicians will do a free evaluation along with a quote to repair your chiller. SemiGroup has hundreds of components in stock. That allows us to repair most chiller equipment in 7 to 14 business days.

If it’s an emergency, ask about our expedited service to get you back up and running in a hurry!

Semigroup uses the highest quality components and consumable parts to refurbish and restore your parts to OEM quality standards or better.

Having Trouble With A Chiller?  Let Our Experts Can Help!

How Do We Do It?

It’s simple –  we don’t compromise. SemiGroup uses only the highest quality after-market parts, employs trained and experienced technicians, and takes each piece of repaired equipment through a rigorous inspection checklist.

Transparency Guarantee

At SemiGroup, we guarantee to provide you with transparency about why your equipment is failing and how to fix it. We are dedicated to our customer’s success and strive to offer high quality, long lasting, and cost effective parts and service.

Personalized Approach

When you have a problem with your chiller, our team of experts will take the time to listen to you, assess the problem, and offer ways to improve your equipment’s performance beyond just a repair.  We can help you customize your equipment to better meet the needs of your application.

Trust SemiGroup for the parts and repair you need today!