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0010-25303 | Applied Materials 300MM LK Pad Conditioner Arm
0010-12313 | Applied Materials 300MM HVM Reflexion Pad Conditioner Arm

Custom Cases

SG1000-2006 | 300MM Pad Conditioner Arm Custom Case

CMP Pad Conditioning Arm Service

SemiGroup repairs and refurbishes CMP Pad Conditioning Arms to OEM standards or better.

During production, CMP Pad Conditioning Arms endure an abrasive process that eats away at the surface. Constant use wears down sharp gears into nubs.  This can cause variance and inefficiency in your wafer fabrications.  Luckily, this wear and tear can be reversed and your CMP Pad Conditioning Arms can be restored to factory specs!

CMP Pad Conditioner Rebuild Process

SemiGroup repairs and refurbishes CMP Pad Conditioning Arms to OEM standards or better. Before and after service, each arm is inspected and tested on SemiGroup’s proprietary testing station.

Our precision diagnostics identifies all areas that needs servicing like motors, harmonic drives, and worn components. Next our comprehensive rebuild replaces all of your basic components and consumable parts, including seals, bearings. The original coating is removed and replaced with a durable new Teflon Powder Coating or a Standard Powder Coating.

Rigorous Testing

The final step includes SemiGroup’s proprietary CMP Pad Conditioning Arm testing process. The testing station provides the remarkable ability to fully test each refurbished conditioning arm in a production environment.

Experts Only

Our team of experts have years of experience working with wafer fabs.  Many of them worked at OEMS prior to joining SemiGroup.

We made the investment to support our experienced team with top-notch equipment for manufacturing, rebuilding, and testing critical semiconductor equipment components.

What's Included?

Refurbishment includes:

  • New Bearings
  • New O-rings
  • Fully disassembled
  • All Parts Cleaned
  • Harmonic Drive
  • Wave Generator
  • Flex Spline
  • Circular Spline (Disassemble and inspect, clean, regrease and reassemble).
  • All Fasteners Replaced
  • Test and check Servo Motors (Repair if needed)
  • Teflon Powder Coating or Standard
  • Powder Coating
  • Sensor Replacement
  • Boot Replacement

After all refurbishment processes are completed, all CMP Pad Conditioning Arms are production-tested for rotation torque, sweep torque, and downforce to ensure each refurbished arm is ready to go and performing perfectly. Each CMP Pad Conditioning Arm is cleaned top to bottom once more and prepared for shipping.

CMP Pad Conditioning Arms Refurbishment

Transparency Guarantee

At SemiGroup, we guarantee to provide you with transparency about why your equipment is failing and how to fix it. We’re accountable to customers, not stockholders. We are dedicated to our customers’ success and strive to offer high-quality, long-lasting, and cost-effective parts and services.

Trust SemiGroup for the parts and repairs you need today!

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SemiGroup uses only the highest quality aftermarket parts, employs trained and experienced technicians, and takes each piece of repaired equipment through a rigorous inspection checklist.

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