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Regular check ups can prolong the life of your Dry Scroll Pumps for many years. Ideally, if you catch worn components before they fail, dry scroll pumps can run forever.  Of course, most any piece of machinery will wear out over time.  However, with preventative maintenance, the life of your dry scroll pump will be prolonged greatly.

Preventative Maintenance Pro Tips for Prolonging Dry Scroll Pumps

Tip #1 – Periodically check each pump for:

– Check Pump for Excess Vibration
– Check Pump for Excess Noise Levels
– High Motor Current Draw
– Excess Heat coming from the Dry Scroll Pump Housing Area
– Check Exhaust for free flow of air at high pressure
– Check Base Pressure is within desired range
– Verify Cooling Blades are spinning and clean

If any of these factors are above the normal operating range, it is time to take this pump out of service and perform preventative maintenance. If you do not perform this maintenance, you risk internal damage to your dry scroll pump (see images below).

Tip #2 – Do not simply rely on the external condition of your dry scroll pump

While your dry scroll pump may look totally fine on the outside, the inside could be experiencing symptoms of normal wear and tear.

Tip #3 –  Implement at monthly and annual maintenance schedule

SemiGroup recommends doing a monthly audit on dry scroll pumps and a minor rebuild with an inspection every 12 Months. All major components can then be inspected for wear at that time and replaced if necessary.

Tip #4 – Keep Spare Dry Scroll Pump Units on Hand

While conducting annual maintenance procedures to avoid unscheduled downtime, your pump will need to be offline for inspection.  Having spare Dry Scroll Pump units is an advantage and helps minimize downtime.

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Damaged Dry Scroll Pump

A client recently sent their dry scroll pump to SemiGroup for repair. Unfortunately, this client did not have a regular maintenance routine. As a result of the damage, they were forced to completely replace the dry scroll pump. A replacement dry scroll pump can cost up to seven times the cost of an inspection and minor rebuild.

A minor rebuild may cost about $1,000, but a brand new one could cost $5,000 – $10,000.00. The difference is easy to see. Don’t spend unnecessary money by failing to regularly maintain your equipment!

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damaged dry scroll pump
Scroll Pump

Like New Dry Scroll Pumps

SemiGroup has the necessary rebuild kits, bearings, tip seals, etc. in stock and ready for quick turn-around of your Dry Scroll Pumps. We also have many Refurbished Dry Scroll Pumps in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

We proactively partner with end-users for their recommendations to ensure we’re continuously adding value by extending your pump’s life.

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