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Move More Wafers With Turnkey CMP Head Refurbishment

You’re losing a week or more of critical wafer production and time if you’re still managing CMP head refurbishment in-house.

Why keep operations bogged down with ordering parts and refurbishing equipment instead of producing? Your team (especially Equipment Engineers & Technicians) should be highly focused on equipment issues and manufacturing high-yielding wafers, not rebuilding CMP Heads.

Choose a dependable, accurate, and timely supply of CMP heads always in stock ready to pull without ever shutting down! SemiGroup’s turnkey CMP Head Rebuilding lets you manage fewer parts, people, and headaches so you can focus on production.

Reduce the cycle time with our instant “in stock” solution. Why wait 7-14 days when you can be ready today?

In 25 years SemiGroup has rebuilt over 300,000 CMP heads!

Experience & Quality Matter!

Precision CMP semiconductor manufacturing equipment requires the highest quality refurbishment and highest quality consumable parts. For example, refurbishing equipment like the Mirra 200mm Titan 1 CMP Head requires many detailed steps, meticulous attention to detail, and rigorous testing. Your team should be focused on production, not slowed down by refurbishment.

With Turnkey CMP Head service, SemiGroup’s CMP Heads are always in stock so you can swap in the new one immediately. Stop waiting weeks for parts to ship just to wait even longer for the refurbisher to finish. SemiGroup manages the parts and services for you.

Get the production-ready CMP heads you need just when you need them!

Transparency Guarantee

At SemiGroup, we guarantee to provide you with transparency about why your equipment is failing and how to fix it. We’re accountable to customers, not stockholders. We are dedicated to our customers’ success and strive to offer high-quality, long-lasting, and cost-effective parts and services.

Trust SemiGroup for the parts and repairs you need today!

SemiGroup - The Leader in After-Market Semiconductor Equipment Support

SemiGroup uses only the highest quality aftermarket parts, employs trained and experienced technicians, and takes each piece of repaired equipment through a rigorous inspection checklist.

How can we help YOU with those hard-to-find components? Meet us on a phone or video call and tell us about your production challenges. Let’s see if we’re a good fit! SemiGroup’s success strategy is built on long-term success for every customer!

Call 1-888-SEMIGROUP or email

Visit our online shop to request more information, browse parts, and start a new service request.

Our Industry-Leading Process Includes:

  • Visual Inspection & Analysis
  • DATA Tracking
  • Decontamination & Cleaning
  • New O-rings
  • New Screws Torqued to Spec.
  • New Sensors & New Spring
  • New Membrane
  • New De-Chuck Bladder
  • New Rolling Diaphragm
  • New Seal Diaphragm
  • New Retaining Wear Ring
  • New Membrane Support Plate Pad
  • Replacement of air lines and air fittings
  • Bore and Gimbal Flexure plate shaft re-lubricated
  • Post rebuild clean
  • Final Visual inspection
  • Final Pressure Test to ensure Functionality


Semigroup’s Applied Materials 200mm Mirra Titan 1 Head Turnkey Rebuild Service has been perfected over the last 25 years.

Our service extends head life expectancy and adds value for our clients so they can focus on Moving More High yielding wafers!

Applied Materials 200mm MIRRA Titan 1 Head Rebuild Service
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