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RF Match Tuning

An RF Match matches the impedance of an etch chamber to your RF Generator. If these two devices are not matched correctly…bad things happen. When RF travels of the surface of conductors, this is called “The Skin Effect”. If you are not matched properly, RF will radiate to place you do not want it to (trust us on this one).

What Are the Possible Outcomes of Improper RF Match Tuning?

  • Blowing up your expensive RF Generator because of too much reflective power is coming back at the RF Generator. Yikes.
  • Lower etching and ashing rates which can scrap your expensive production wafers. Ugh frustrating.
  • You can have all kind of strange noise problems on all your wiring which can wreak havoc on your machine giving you strange readings on vacuum pressures. Not good.

How Does SemiGroup Ensure My RF Match is Working Properly?

After Semigroup refurbishes your RF Match to OEM standards, we use a rigorous testing process to ensure your equipment is safe and in excellent working condition:

1. Test RF Match under factory loads
2. Verify the forward power and reflective power are within OEM specifications
3. Test that motors and drivers are working correctly


Watch the video below as Eddie takes you through the testing process of a DSQ Match.

Did You Know?

SemiGroup stocks a wide selection of RF Generators and RF Matches in addition to other semiconductor parts.  Finding a replacement product is easy!  Click below to browse by part or type your OEM part number into the search bar.

Featured RF Match Replacement Part

Part Name:  LAM TCP Upper Match
Part Brand: LAM Research
OEM:  LAM Research
OEM #: 853-032190-006

Having Trouble With Your RF Match equipment?  Let Our Experts Take a Look!

How Do We Do It?

It’s simple –  we don’t compromise. SemiGroup uses only the highest quality after-market parts, employs trained and experienced technicians, and takes each piece of repaired equipment through a rigorous inspection checklist.

Transparency Guarantee

At SemiGroup, we guarantee to provide you with transparency about why your RF Match equipment is failing and how to fix it.  We are dedicated to our customer’s success and strive to offer high quality, long lasting, and cost effective RF Match parts and service.

Personalized Approach

When you have a problem with your RF Match equipment, our team of experts will take the time to listen to you, assess the problem, and offer ways to improve your equipment’s performance beyond just a repair.  We can help you customize your equipment to better meet the needs of your application.

Trust SemiGroup for the parts and repair you need today!