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Gate Assemblies Are Essential

Gate Assemblies are an essential part of any piece of Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment that needs to isolate one environment from another environment.

If you have a multi-chamber cluster tool, you may have 4 separate process chambers all running different chemistries or at very different vacuum pressures.  Or you may be isolating the wafer from another tool area that may have a very different vacuum pressure such as atmospheric pressure from a high vacuum area.

In the Semiconductor Equipment Industry, you may hear different terms for gate assemblies, however, they are interchangeable and mean the same thing.  They all allow for wafer transfer and then they isolate one environment from another environment.  Gate assemblies are usually a bunch of mechanical metal parts, gears, roll pins, mechanical stops, sprockets, bellows, doors, bearings, bushings, springs, shims, clevis etc…These interchangeable terms include:

  1. Gate Assembly
  2. Slit Valve Assembly
  3. Door Assembly (Inner or Outer)
  4. VAT Transfer Valves

Quality is Key

At SemiGroup we pride ourselves in identifying problems and then we strive to offer high quality part replacements as well as refurbishment services to prolong the life of your manufacturing equipment.

Gate or Door Assemblies are used on just about any system that uses vacuum and needs isolation from another part of the equipment.  Potential devastating production issues arise in the forms of vacuum leaks, particle contamination problems, scrapped wafers, and broken wafers.

At Semigroup, we recognize the importance of reliable parts and equipment for keeping your business running safely and efficiently.

Semigroup gate assembly parts come with One Year Warranty, and we even offer refurbishment services on your existing gate assembly parts.

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