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SemiGroup can save you money on expensive CMP Consumable Parts.

For 22 years Semigroup has remained the authority on CMP Head & Carrier repair.

We’ve rebuilt over 100,000 CMP Heads & Carriers. Our expert technicians can diagnose, repair, and refurbish CMP Heads to OEM specifications.

Don’t fall victim to insanely priced parts from the OEM!  There’s another way!

We supply thousands of consumable replacement parts to customers that meet or exceed OEM standards with significant cost savings.

Our experienced engineers & technicians are trained and certified in semiconductor OEM parts & systems refurbishment.  All our parts and systems go through the same rigorous testing you would expect from an OEM.  We’re open and here for you!

Partner with SemiGroup and lower your CMP Consumable Part costs by as much as 50%!!  Call (888) 736-4476

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Featured CMP Consumable Part
OEM Part #0040-87416

AMAT 300mm Megasonic Drive Roller
AMAT 300mm Megasonic Drive Roller made from (PEEK). Semigroup New Drop In Replacement for AMAT part number 0040-87416.

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AMAT 300mm Megasonic Drive Roller made from (PEEK) Part Number 0040-87416

Need a quote for CMP Head repair?  No problem!  Contact our service team today!

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