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STP-A2203 | Boc Edwards Seiko Seiki Turbo Pump

STP-A2203 | Boc Edwards Seiko Seiki Turbo Pump  


  1. Incoming Inspection - Incoming Evaluation and Failure Analysis is completed

  2. Initiate Condition Report

  3. Decontamination/Cleaning - Pump is disassembled and decontaminated utilizing enclosed aqueous based cleaning system, Post Clean Rinse, Component Moisture Bake out

  4. Re-coating as required

  5. Precision Balancing

  6. Final Clean

  7. Reassembly - Parts are Final cleaned, inspected and staged for assembly, consumable are replaced and each pump is reassembled utilizing a predefined Engineering Master and work instructions by a certified technician

  8. Extensive Testing - All Turbo Pumps are leak checked and tested for proper functionality following a defined test procedure

  9. Vibration Analysis

  10. He Leak Testing

  11. Condition Report Completion - Failure Analysis - The final findings and probable cause are inputted into a Failure Analysis report and is routed to management for review and approval

  12. QA and Packaging