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Lam Research TCP 9600

The Rainbow TCP 9600 Standalone System is a single wafer, vacuum load-locked low pressure metal etch system. Semigroup Equipment Sales provides a customized (to your specifications) totally refurbished Rainbow TCP 9600 Metal Etch Plasma Reactor that is fully tested at our facility. Upgrades included are wafer size conversions, (150mm, 200mm etc.) Electrostatic Chuck Upgrades, Computer Upgrades and more.


  • Low Pressure Operation

  • High Density Plasma

  • Independent Control of Ion Density and Ion Energy

  • Patented Planar Coil

  • Simple Efficient Design

  • Rainbow Platform

  • Precise CD Control with minimal profile micro loading

  • High Etch Rates

  • Wide Process Window, Minimal micro-loading and damage

  • Uniform Etch Rate and Ion Current Density

  • Ease of Maintenance, Low Cost of Ownership

  • Production Proven, High Reliability

  • System Reliability

  1. Uptime Typically >85%

  2. MTTC 12 Hours

  3. MTBF> 125 Hours

  4. MTTR < 4 Hours

Typical Results:

  • Al Etch Rate > 8000A/min

  • Al Non-Uniformity +/- 15%