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Lam Research Rainbow 4520 Etch

The Lam Research Rainbow 4520 Standalone System is a single wafer, vacuum load-locked low pressure oxide etch system for etching 0.5um Contact holes at aspect ratios of <4:1. This system features a low pressure main chamber for anisotropic etching of dielectric films with low conductance manifold, pick and place wafer transport system with non-wafer contact optical alignment, flat or notch orientation and active temperature control of upper and lower electrodes. The process makes use of a low polymer forming chemistry for high selectivity to polysilicon. The system can also include a Monochromator for automatic endpoint on exposed oxide.


  • Single Wafer Etching

  • Wafer Temperature Control

  • Variable Gap Spacing

  • Parallel Plate Reactor

  • Inductive RF Auto Tuning

  • Simple and Efficient Design


  1. Contact Etch

  2. Planarization

  3. Via Etch

  4. Trench Mask Etch

  5. Pad Etch


  • Individual Wafer Etch for Repeatable Results

  • Reduced Loading Effects

  • Profile Control

  • Extended Over Etch Capable

  • End Point Detector

  • Wide Process Window

  • Proven Oxide Etch Technology

  • Fast, Accurate RF Tuning for Precise Etch Rate Control

  • Reduced Defect Densities

  • Ease of Maintenance

  • Low Cost Of Ownership