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853-442064-002 LAM Research Gate Drive Inner Assembly – Quick Exchange Option and Repair

The Lam Research Gate Drive Inner Assembly is used on All Rainbow Standalone Platforms as well as some Alliance Multi-Chamber Platforms. The Lam Research Gate Drive Inner Assembly cycles up & down with precision accuracy isolating the main chamber from the load locks, it also provides a vacuum tight seal for process etch isolation and safe wafer transport.


  • Fully Disassembled

  • All Parts Cleaned

  • New Sensors

  • New Pneumatic Air Cylinders

  • New Pneumatic Air Fittings

  • New Pneumatic Air Lines

  • New Cam Followers

  • New Bumpers for Link

  • Labeled

  • Over-lock Adjustment

  • Flag Interrupt Adjustment

  • Full Functionality Tested on an Actual Lam Rainbow Tool

  • ***Gate Drive Link Replaced or Upgraded with Newer Robust Version as Needed***