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853-001198-001 AutoEtch Outer Gate Assembly – Quick Exchange Option and Repair

The AutoEtch Gate assembly is a precision mechanical isolation barrier between atmosphere/load locks & the main chamber of the AutoEtch. It is designed for repeatable precision wafer processing and will function flawlessly for thousands of cycles depending on process chemistry. Applications Include: All Lam Research Standalone AutoEtch 490, 590, 690 & 790 Platforms.



  • Brand New Gates Available

  • Exchange & Refurbishing Services Available

  • New Anodized Door

  • New Gate Stops

  • New Screws

  • New Bearings

  • New Bushings

  • New Shims

  • New Spring

  • New Sprocket

  • New Compression Fitting

  • New Mounting Hub

  • New Clevis

  • New Roll Pins

  • Full Functionality Tested