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What are Radio Frequency (RF) Generators?

The science of radio frequencies (RF) is a vast and complex subject. Your RF generators and RF matches have a lot of engineering and design behind them, and serve very specific and very important functions.  Here will explain the basic concepts you need to know to operate your equipment safely and efficiently.

RF Generator vs. RF Match

RF generators & RF matches go hand-in-hand like the pedal and gears of a bike.  In semiconductor manufacturing, RF Generators are used to power silicone wafer etching. An RF Match matches the impedance of the etch chamber to your RF generator. It’s critically important to match the frequencies coming from the RF generator to the etch chamber by varying the inductance and capacitance. If these are not properly matched, you could face serious problems with your etching process.

Just like when riding a bicycle with gears, the gears must fully shift into place in order for the bike rider to properly power the bike.  If the gears are out of alignment, you will hear that awful grinding sound.  Similarly, if the frequency of your RF Match and RF Generator are not synced during the etching process, your wafers or your RF Generator can be damaged.

Types of Problems That Can Occur

Problem #1 – Reflective Power

When an RF Generator and an RF Match are out of sync, reflective power occurs that damages the RF Generator.

Problem #2 – Harmful Radiation

Out of sync RF Generator and RF Match equipment can also result in dangerous radiation emissions that is harmful to humans.

Problem #3 – RF Noise

RF “noise” can also occur with mismatched RF Match and RF Generators, resulting in interference with other signals and electronic equipment.

RF Generator Repair Service

What Happens If My RF Match Isn’t Working Correctly?

Several major problems can occur if your RF Match equipment isn’t properly used or maintained:

1. Permanent Damage – You could permanently damage your RF Generator because too much reflective power is coming back at it.

2. Product Waste – An out-of-tune and malfunctioning RF Match creates lower etching and ashing rates which will scrap your expensive production wafers.

3. RF Noise – You can have a wide range of noise problems on all your wiring. Noise will wreak havoc on your machine, giving you strange readings on vacuum pressures and other issues.

4. Skin Effect –  RF travels along the surface of conductors. This is called “The Skin Effect”.  If you are not matched properly, RF will radiate everywhere much like a microwave with its door open! This is incredibly harmful to human tissue, especially the eyes and other sensitive areas.

Extending the Life of Your RF Equipment

Properly maintaining and services your equipment on a regular schedule will greatly reduce the likelihood of your RF Match and RF Generator equipment malfunctioning.  We recommend services your equipment through a qualified professional.

SemiGroup’s experienced engineers & technicians are trained and certified in semiconductor OEM parts & systems refurbishment. All our parts and systems go through the same rigorous testing you would expect from an OEM.

Your health and safety and the safety of your equipment are our first priority! This is why SemiGroup rigorously tests all rebuilt and refurbished RF Generators and RF Matches before returning them to our customers.

We’re open and here for you! Call 1-888-SEMIGROUP or email Visit our website to browse RF generator replacement parts and refurbishment services.

Did You Know?

SemiGroup stocks a wide selection of RF Generators n addition to other semiconductor parts.  Finding a replacement product is easy!  Click below to browse by part or type your OEM part number into the search bar.

Featured RF Generator Replacement Part

660-024637-028 | LAM RFG 1250 HALO

Part Name:  660-024637-028 | LAM RFG 1250 HALO
Part Brand: LAM
OEM Part #: 3660-024637-028

*Available as a service rebuild only.  Call us for more details 1-888-SEMIGROUP.

Having Trouble With Your RF Generator equipment?  Let Our Experts Take a Look!

How Do We Do It?

It’s simple –  we don’t compromise. SemiGroup uses only the highest quality after-market parts, employs trained and experienced technicians, and takes each piece of repaired equipment through a rigorous inspection checklist.

Transparency Guarantee

At SemiGroup, we guarantee to provide you with transparency about why your RF Match equipment is failing and how to fix it.  We are dedicated to our customer’s success and strive to offer high quality, long lasting, and cost effective RF Match parts and service.

Personalized Approach

When you have a problem with your RF Match equipment, our team of experts will take the time to listen to you, assess the problem, and offer ways to improve your equipment’s performance beyond just a repair.  We can help you customize your equipment to better meet the needs of your application.

Trust SemiGroup for the parts and repair you need today!

RF Generator Repair Service