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0190-14344-R | NSK Motor & Controller Set Service

0190-14344-R | NSK Motor & Controller Set Service


  • Disassemble the NSK Motor.

  • All internal parts including windings, contacts, bearing clamp and rotor are inspected for damage or physical wear.

  • Motor is cleaned of any old broken down grease or metal debris from the old failed bearing.

  • Install new connectors, seals and bearings with OEM grease.

  • Disassemble the Controller.

  • Full visual inspection is done.

  • Replace any defective parts.

  • Change all electrolytic capacitors.

  • Repair solder connections and reflow solder as required.

  • Mate power supply to logic board and test basic fault circuits.

  • Bench test drive the drive modules and check output phasing.

  • Reassemble drive and bench test.

  • Check fault circuits and communications.

  • Tune controller to motor and complete final motor test.

  • Reset internal switches to customer settings.

  • Please see our "Product Categories" for custom cases to protect your NSK Motor & Controller.