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Alcatel Turbo & Controller KitAlcatel Turbo & Controller Kit

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Looking to upgrade your LAM Research 9600 Seiko Seiki turbo pumping system? Semigroup will provide everything you need in our Alcatel Turbo upgrade kit. You will notice improved pumping efficiency, reliability, and ease of use giving you greater control over your process capabilities. Contact us today, installation service also available to ensure proper interface between upgraded turbo pumping system and tool software.


  • Fully Rebuilt Alcatel ATH 1600MT or 1300MT Turbo Pump & Controller
  • Built-In Heater Band
  • Water Cooling Valve Assembly
  • Braking Air Inlet Valve Assembly
  • All Applicable Connection Cables & Power Cords
  • Custom Mounting Brackets, Heated Weldment, & Faceplate